Erie League

Entry Fee - $117.95

The champion will receive $720 while the runner-up receives $300


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Head-To-Head Results
Week 1
Battlin' Bucks105.35
Golden Domers80.80
Oregon Gold110.95
Purple Haze73.05
Tennessee Whiskey105.35
Peyton's Place90.05
Rodney Ruxin's Renegades118.55
Franchise 491.05
Mile High Wonders60.15
Grapes of Wrath 5026G91.40
7 And 7 Is123.45
Head-To-Head Results
Week 2
Purple Haze96.35
Golden Domers72.20
Peyton's Place104.95
Oregon Gold82.35
Franchise 499.95
Battlin' Bucks91.50
Grapes of Wrath 5026G110.00
Rodney Ruxin's Renegades117.95
7 And 7 Is75.90
Tennessee Whiskey120.75
Mile High Wonders137.30
Head-To-Head Results
Week 3
7 And 7 Is110.75
Tennessee Whiskey76.15
Mile High Wonders116.10
Rodney Ruxin's Renegades110.95
Franchise 4127.60
Battlin' Bucks102.50
Grapes of Wrath 5026G86.95
Oregon Gold93.45
Purple Haze102.70
Golden Domers83.85
Peyton's Place103.70
Head-To-Head Results
Week 4
Battlin' Bucks125.90
Golden Domers85.10
Oregon Gold133.05
Tennessee Whiskey109.05
Peyton's Place105.10
Rodney Ruxin's Renegades109.55
Purple Haze106.90
Mile High Wonders117.40
Grapes of Wrath 5026G87.45
7 And 7 Is86.15
Franchise 479.40
Head-To-Head Results
Week 5
Peyton's Place65.45
Grapes of Wrath 5026G59.15
Purple Haze88.40
Franchise 498.95
Battlin' Bucks105.10
7 And 7 Is94.50
Oregon Gold123.15
Mile High Wonders121.65
Golden Domers71.95
Tennessee Whiskey98.55
Rodney Ruxin's Renegades109.55
Head-To-Head Results
Week 6
7 And 7 Is103.15
Oregon Gold108.40
Mile High Wonders112.30
Battlin' Bucks94.30
Grapes of Wrath 5026G76.40
Purple Haze66.60
Franchise 4124.75
Peyton's Place97.25
Tennessee Whiskey111.75
Rodney Ruxin's Renegades81.95
Golden Domers85.45
Head-To-Head Results
Week 7
Golden Domers87.65
Oregon Gold102.20
Battlin' Bucks118.95
Purple Haze79.55
Peyton's Place91.35
Rodney Ruxin's Renegades101.60
Tennessee Whiskey123.20
Franchise 480.70
Grapes of Wrath 5026G69.20
7 And 7 Is107.95
Mile High Wonders79.05
Head-To-Head Results
Week 8
Mile High Wonders91.50
Golden Domers101.10
7 And 7 Is110.45
Oregon Gold63.30
Purple Haze72.75
Battlin' Bucks130.15
Peyton's Place110.35
Rodney Ruxin's Renegades75.90
Franchise 4111.90
Tennessee Whiskey93.25
Grapes of Wrath 5026G70.45
Head-To-Head Results
Week 9
Battlin' Bucks135.05
Oregon Gold57.60
Golden Domers100.35
Tennessee Whiskey100.60
Purple Haze84.05
Rodney Ruxin's Renegades75.00
Peyton's Place95.65
Mile High Wonders48.95
Franchise 4124.60
7 And 7 Is172.05
Grapes of Wrath 5026G75.45
Head-To-Head Results
Week 10
Franchise 4117.30
Tennessee Whiskey87.60
Grapes of Wrath 5026G56.50
Rodney Ruxin's Renegades113.95
Purple Haze87.30
Battlin' Bucks123.85
Peyton's Place87.35
Oregon Gold79.40
Mile High Wonders68.95
Golden Domers76.05
7 And 7 Is103.30
Head-To-Head Results
Week 11
Franchise 4105.80
Golden Domers82.15
Grapes of Wrath 5026G81.20
Oregon Gold100.90
Rodney Ruxin's Renegades87.25
Battlin' Bucks83.80
Tennessee Whiskey50.80
Purple Haze106.95
7 And 7 Is132.40
Peyton's Place125.90
Mile High Wonders92.00
Head-To-Head Results
Week 12
Golden Domers84.55
Battlin' Bucks90.50
Oregon Gold109.25
Peyton's Place114.45
Tennessee Whiskey85.10
Purple Haze119.65
Rodney Ruxin's Renegades82.75
Grapes of Wrath 5026G58.05
Mile High Wonders109.05
Franchise 4123.75
7 And 7 Is136.25
Head-To-Head Results
Week 13
Golden Domers94.90
Battlin' Bucks118.35
Oregon Gold79.40
Peyton's Place105.20
Purple Haze100.35
Tennessee Whiskey84.20
Rodney Ruxin's Renegades75.75
Grapes of Wrath 5026G67.55
Franchise 4126.80
Mile High Wonders109.30
7 And 7 Is124.75