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Head-To-Head Results
Week 1
Lucky's Felons 007 (TEAM FOR SALE!)104.50
*7 And 7 Is99.05
*Pony Express128.80
*Oregon Gold105.95
*Kokanee Gold108.70
*The Brown Dog87.85
*Tennessee Whiskey83.55
*Peyton's Place88.85
Esteban (TEAM FOR SALE!)73.85
Head-To-Head Results
Week 2
Lucky's Felons 007 (TEAM FOR SALE!)114.70
*7 And 7 Is95.45
*Oregon Gold112.30
*The Brown Dog84.65
*Peyton's Place136.55
*Kokanee Gold113.95
Esteban (TEAM FOR SALE!)88.30
*Pony Express109.55
*Tennessee Whiskey82.15
Head-To-Head Results
Week 3
Esteban (TEAM FOR SALE!)92.65
*Pony Express87.85
*Tennessee Whiskey101.85
*Kokanee Gold55.60
*The Brown Dog83.75
*Peyton's Place98.85
*7 And 7 Is99.70
*Oregon Gold94.05
Lucky's Felons 007 (TEAM FOR SALE!)105.25
Head-To-Head Results
Week 4
Lucky's Felons 007 (TEAM FOR SALE!)80.20
*Pony Express76.65
*Oregon Gold157.55
*Kokanee Gold51.20
*7 And 7 Is105.75
*Tennessee Whiskey61.15
*Peyton's Place102.75
Esteban (TEAM FOR SALE!)50.00
*The Brown Dog72.40
Head-To-Head Results
Week 5
*Oregon Gold84.40
*Peyton's Place137.95
*7 And 7 Is88.50
*The Brown Dog112.90
Esteban (TEAM FOR SALE!)90.15
*Tennessee Whiskey79.85
*Pony Express85.20
Lucky's Felons 007 (TEAM FOR SALE!)101.75
*Kokanee Gold138.55
Head-To-Head Results
Week 6
Esteban (TEAM FOR SALE!)111.45
*Tennessee Whiskey82.00
*Peyton's Place108.15
*7 And 7 Is63.20
*The Brown Dog96.95
*Oregon Gold167.70
*Pony Express120.90
Lucky's Felons 007 (TEAM FOR SALE!)94.20
*Kokanee Gold95.20
Head-To-Head Results
Week 7
Lucky's Felons 007 (TEAM FOR SALE!)124.30
*7 And 7 Is75.65
*Oregon Gold130.05
*Kokanee Gold118.00
*Pony Express70.40
*The Brown Dog88.50
*Peyton's Place80.35
Esteban (TEAM FOR SALE!)100.70
*Tennessee Whiskey108.55
Head-To-Head Results
Week 8
Lucky's Felons 007 (TEAM FOR SALE!)92.10
*Tennessee Whiskey106.10
Esteban (TEAM FOR SALE!)56.15
*7 And 7 Is104.25
*Oregon Gold86.65
*Kokanee Gold79.70
*The Brown Dog94.20
*Pony Express105.80
*Peyton's Place98.65
Head-To-Head Results
Week 9
Lucky's Felons 007 (TEAM FOR SALE!)134.95
*Pony Express100.50
*7 And 7 Is137.55
*Kokanee Gold97.80
*Oregon Gold99.95
*Tennessee Whiskey66.75
*The Brown Dog106.45
Esteban (TEAM FOR SALE!)72.35
*Peyton's Place91.40
Head-To-Head Results
Week 10
*The Brown Dog127.10
*Pony Express99.90
*Peyton's Place87.65
*Kokanee Gold93.45
*7 And 7 Is137.55
*Oregon Gold110.85
*Tennessee Whiskey100.25
Esteban (TEAM FOR SALE!)85.30
Lucky's Felons 007 (TEAM FOR SALE!)63.30
Head-To-Head Results
Week 11
Lucky's Felons 007 (TEAM FOR SALE!)70.95
*The Brown Dog97.00
*Peyton's Place105.05
*Kokanee Gold93.55
*Pony Express93.85
*7 And 7 Is98.25
Esteban (TEAM FOR SALE!)130.00
*Oregon Gold144.45
*Tennessee Whiskey120.60
Head-To-Head Results
Week 12
Lucky's Felons 007 (TEAM FOR SALE!)99.80
*Oregon Gold102.85
*Pony Express111.40
*7 And 7 Is70.60
*Kokanee Gold118.05
*Peyton's Place90.40
*Tennessee Whiskey108.75
*The Brown Dog89.00
Esteban (TEAM FOR SALE!)71.15
Head-To-Head Results
Week 13
Lucky's Felons 007 (TEAM FOR SALE!)98.65
*Oregon Gold98.45
*7 And 7 Is96.00
*Pony Express94.95
*Kokanee Gold105.75
*Peyton's Place107.50
*The Brown Dog104.00
*Tennessee Whiskey68.25
Esteban (TEAM FOR SALE!)86.00
Head-To-Head Results
Week 14
*Peyton's Place115.80
*Kokanee Gold91.70
*7 And 7 Is143.80
*Tennessee Whiskey102.55
Esteban (TEAM FOR SALE!)61.05
Lucky's Felons 007 (TEAM FOR SALE!)108.65
Bye Weeks
*The Brown Dog108.65
*Oregon Gold92.7
*Pony Express62
Head-To-Head Results
Week 15
*The Brown Dog98.60
*Peyton's Place129.30
*Oregon Gold88.20
*7 And 7 Is101.45
Lucky's Felons 007 (TEAM FOR SALE!)94.55
*Pony Express97.20
Bye Weeks
Esteban (TEAM FOR SALE!)81.3
*Kokanee Gold75.2
*Tennessee Whiskey95.5
Head-To-Head Results
Week 16
*Peyton's Place107.20
*Pony Express108.55
Bye Weeks
Lucky's Felons 007 (TEAM FOR SALE!)90.1
*The Brown Dog109.4
Esteban (TEAM FOR SALE!)114.3
*7 And 7 Is91.4
*Oregon Gold119.55
*Kokanee Gold71.7
*Tennessee Whiskey78.1